Laura Weissbecker

演员, 编剧, 歌手

French Actress LAURA WEISSBECKER Wins ‘Best Emerging Global Actress’ Chinese Award For International Blockbuster “CHINESE ZODIAC” Opposite JACKIE CHAN

unnamedLos Angeles, CA (October 15, 2013) – French actress LAURA WEISSBECKER brings beauty, brawn and brains to America, making her U.S. debut in martial arts icon Jackie Chan’s International blockbuster, “Chinese Zodiac,” hitting theaters on October 18, 2013.

Written, produced, directed by and starring global film star Jackie Chan, action-comedy “Chinese Zodiac” is the second highest grossing Chinese language film in China Mainland history (more than US$140 million box office just in Mainland China). The film tells the story of a man (Jackie Chan) searching the world for 12 Chinese zodiac bronze heads. In a breakout performance, Weissbecker stars as Katherine, the good natured, down-on-her-luck French heiress and owner of one of the missing zodiac artifacts who joins JC (Chan) on his quest for the remaining stolen treasures.

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