Laura Weissbecker

Actress, Writer, Singer


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Laura Weissbecker
  • Winner of the 2013 Huading Award for Best Global Emerging Actress

    Other category winners from 2013 include: Nicole Kidman (Best Global Actress), Nicolas Cage (Best Global Actor), Jeremy Irons (Lifetime achievement), Quentin Tarantino (Best Global Director)

  • Featured Project: Chinese Zodiac 12

    Chinese Zodiac 12 (CZ12), directed by, and starring, Jackie Chan stars Laura in an award winning leading role. The film released in December 2012 was a success throughout Asia: 2nd highest grossing Chinese language film in Chinese mainland history.

  • Jury Member: Shanghai International Film Festival

    Laura on the jury of the new Asian Talent Awards at the Shanghai International Film Festival, an A list festival, and the most prestigious such event in Asia.