Laura Weissbecker

Actress, Writer, Singer


My book ‘’How I Became Chinese’’ is now available for purchase!

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Literary Prizes

29th Annual Book Festival of Cosnes-sur-Loire: Selected for the prize of Best Non-Fiction Book 2016-2017

Forum du livre à Saint-Louis 2017: Selected for Prix du Lys

What the Press Says About It

“Riddled with tasty stories about the film world” 
-Aujourd’hui en France

”Teems with crisp anecdotes about her discovery of the Chinese universe and the world of cinema ”  -Xinhua 

“The book is about Weissbecker’s journey in China and her acting career in France, China, and Hollywood. With a refreshing and humorous style, Weissbecker shares her life experiences and reflections through anecdotes.’’
-China Entertainment News & China Daily

“Her pen is not to be outdone … Her book is aerial, stuffed with anecdotes of her journey through the world of cinema, but also of her time in Asia, providing a unique behind the scenes look at cinema, actors, doubts, and joys. Many emotions are felt over the course of seven chapters that pass too quickly, and at the end of which we close the book with the regret of leaving a cherished friend, a Sino-Strasbourg friend whom we want to reunite with quickly. ”   -Strasbourg Magazine

“Exploring the backstage of cinema and China chronicled by an insider … paired with an alert style, both precise and full of imagery.”    -Agromag



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